each aspect of your life

just once.

New technology to help an inidividual manage their life or a business manage its growth.

Products and services coming soon to empower you.

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Combining Web technologies to make life easier.

Use offline as well as online.

  • Web APIs
  • Connected Services
  • Use on any device
  • Use any where
  • Use any time

Products & Services


Manage anything you do, you need, you want just one time.
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Web based services to facilitate ManageOnce architecture.
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Use ManageOnce on any device, anywhere, anytime.
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VBOS is an acronym for Virtual Business Operating System. The company was founded on the principal of developing new technologies to enhance your office experience through automation while enriching your relationship with your clients.

The ManageOnce System has been under development since 2003. This powerful new application is the result of years of research, countless hours of meticulous design, development and testing. The ManageOnce System truly represents the next phase in personal management and communication./p>